Just a bit of Spice and Wolf as the night comes to a close for me. Still my favorite pair in any book/anime I’ve read/watched.



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Deal with it Starcraft style


glassmemoir: Yer an idiot.


"That’s Mr. Idiot to you."


I’m not a supporter nor against feminism, but this has to be said. *popcorn already grabbed



Still one of the funniest GIFs


▶ Now I see it.

As much as whoever reads this will probably be slim to none, I have finally seen what Yahtzee (Zero Punctuations Guy) has been saying about Multiplayer games. People are like raging baboons. Here’s an example: I log into a game that’s all about survival. I start with nothing and have to search abandoned buildings and vehicles to find supplies to stay alive. After a half hour of searching and finding only people who want to kill me or nothing at all, I find a water canteen and a protein bar. “Yes! I might be able to survive this time” I thought to myself. Oh how I’ve been mislead.
I found a small abandoned village and looked about to see if there was anyone around. Clear. I walk into a home and closed the door behind me. As I rummage through things to carve out a meager existence I hear the door open. I turn around to find another player has found this place as well. Our eyes meet and we stare for what feels like several minutes. I make the first move at trying to establish diplomatic relations. “We can survive better as a group.” I say…

His retort was a baseball bat to my face.

From these sort of encounters I wonder if these people actually act this way in real life or does a faceless presence give them a power trip. Either way I’m stumped.


together at last

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What to Expect from the New J.K. Rowling Story About A 34-Year-Old Harry Potter

Harry Potter and his friends finally get to act their age. And it’s as depressing as it sounds:

  • After three beers, Harry starts claiming he never made it to the pro Quidditch league because of a knee injury.
  • Ron calls Hermione a bitch and they have to go to magical couples counseling.
  • Hagrid is working on an erotic fiction novel entitled ‘50 Shades of Me Penis.’
  • Harry uses an Accounting Spell to cheat on his taxes.
  • Ron is starting to get pretty into Steely Dan.
  • The sorting hat had a midlife crisis and turned into a fedora.
  • Hogwarts is now an online wizard school.




i can’t stop laughting

This was an adventure

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